We shall plan your poolside wedding .

f you are searching for something elegant and amusing for you wedding, the poolside wedding organized by the MyLuxEvent wedding planner team can suit you.

We shall take care of everything. You can just enjoy your special moment(s)!

There was a time in which the idea of getting married outside a church or the town hall seemed to be something out of this world and unadvisable. Today, MyLuxEvent believes that times have changed, and proposing unique wedding backgrounds means to cherish many people’s dreams. Searching for original wedding locations seems to be a challenge or a fight with oddities as ‘weapons’: we shall not be surprised anymore if some couples decide to get married on a tram or bus, or inside a museum!

The most fearless decide to get married at high altitude, in the seawater’s depth, or at the POOLSIDE. In the latter cases, the promise of marriage will be flawless, bizarre and daring, with a wedding officiant or priest; possibly with Best Man / Woman and Maid / Man of Honour and wedding guests dressed in diving suit, flippers and scuba mask. Everything will be ‘normal’, except that the wedding ceremony will occur underwater in the swimming pool, which we selected in a surreal context, in the mountains or with the sound of the sea, which will be the background of the event. Everything will depend on where you will chose to say your fateful ‘yes’. We shall create for you something bizarre, which will make you and your invites breathless. We do not want to reveal our secrets to you, but we shall be happy to give you an ad hoc estimate, conceived of to meet the needs and the wellness of people of different age – even for civil ceremony weddings – all this through a characteristic element: water.

Water: with its purity, fluidity and dynamism. Water can be warmed up, and thus this type of wedding is also feasible out of the summer period. At the end of your event, we can receive you and your wedding guests in a location with a fireplace, which will be able to create a fairy-tale scenario for having a delicious aperitif and the food of the menu you requested. Flower arrangements will not be lacking, which will be set in a unique way and will took your breath away, so will not be lacking a succession of surprises, devised by the MyLuxEvent team, both inside the swimming pool and at the poolside.

Throughout your event, there will be a professional photographer who will immortalize your underwater wedding with its lights, and he will also be making pictures during your wedding reception. As we told above, flower decorations will not be lacking, both at the poolside and, above all, inside and on water. All this will be a revolutionary and odd idea for many people!!!

Fancy a priest and wedding guests in a diving suit, flippers and scuba mask, in a pool: that will be the reason you will be talked about for a long time. Your wedding will be perfect: we shall take care of every detail, through a scuba diving photographer; an underwater camera operator and with party favours and a themed event cake. All the rest will be a pleasant surprise.

Are you thinking of a location in Sardinia where to plan your wedding or your event?

Contact us, and we shall reach agreements with the appropriate structures and organize all the material to make your event or your wedding unparalleled.

Are you thinking of a location where to plan your wedding or event in Sardinia, Umbria or Lazio?

Contact us, and we shall reach agreements with the appropriate structures and organize all the material to make your event or your wedding one-of-the-kind.

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