We shall plan your underwater wedding ceremony.

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones? If you are a professional or even an amateur diver, yes: it is possible to organize your wedding as you were in paradise! That is an original idea for an unusual wedding.

We shall take care of everything; you can just enjoy your special moment(s)!

Would you like to plan an unforgettable wedding, thus making everyone speechless? Wedding is one of the most important steps in Life, and we have thought that planning for you the best day of your life – with such a proposal, in a unique and surreal background – is a dream of many.

So, why not to say ‘Yes, I will / do’ underwater? If you think that it would be difficult to plan an underwater wedding ceremony, you are making a big mistake: it will be sufficient to plan your wedding in Sardinia and we shall fulfil your entire dream, as long as you are willing to ‘Trash the Dress’! We can also suggest you holiday spots where to stay and propose you excursions of every kind for your romantic honeymoon. However, our intriguing proposal will be that of planning your ideal underwater wedding ceremony: if it is religious, it will be officiated, in some localities, by a priest; and your wedding ceremony will be completely underwater together with your wedding guests. Then, why not to do that?

Or, why not to renew your wedding vows through an underwater simple civil ritual, by employing the seabed of our Sardinian magic sea, as a romantic location with a multitude of coloured fish as your wedding attendants? For your wedding ceremony, we selected some of the fantastic parts of Sardinia, included the Island of San Pietro (Saint Peter’s Island – ‘Carloforte’). In Sardinia, in one of the varied sea sides and most beautiful romantic places, you can make your marriage vows in a transparent and multi-coloured seabed, which will serve as scenario of your ceremony. You will then grant your guests a brief but memorable stay, made up of relaxation; dinner(s) on the beach; massages; SPA and Mediterranean healthy cuisine, which will be matched by the best wines on the market.

Thanks to the MyLuxEvent team, we shall be able to organize a very unusual and one-of-a-kind marriage proposal

All will begin with the rumble of motorboats, or with very beautiful, but silent, sailing ships which will cut through the sea, or sailboats, heading towards the secret place of your wedding, where you can dive in and snorkel in the crystal-clear water of the Sardinian Sea. While little fish will be there against the backdrop and, at the same time, you explore the sea bottom – he or she can propose marriage and receive the blessing from the priest and their marriage documents on a special waterproof paper. One of our professional underwater photographers will immortalize all this. In addition, the whole ceremony will be monitored by expert scuba divers, who will follow it until its end, since we want that all be perfect, without any kind of concern or troubles for both yourselves and us. At the end of your wedding ceremony, you will sail on your boats or motorboats to go back to your accommodation(s): it will depend on the choice the bride and groom-to-be opted for. During your return trip, on your boats / ships, the spouses and their guests can drink a sparkling wine (‘spumante’) or a champagne toast; thus, once you arrive at the place you chose, and the means of transport will be moored near the resort or restaurant, you can celebrate your wedding reception (breakfast, lunch or dinner) romantically.

Your celebration will thus go on with your honeymoon, which you will be able to spend in one of the cosy Villas, Resorts or Hotels we suggested to you. A menu expressly designed and created for your special event will be waiting for you; a personal waiter will serve the spouses carefully; an astonishing sunset will accompany your wedding dinner. All these elements will be the perfect conclusion of an exciting and a one-of-a-kind day.

The new trend of the ‘Trash the Dress’ pictures has become increasingly popular in the last few years; is the most widespread fashion in The United States and in England and, nowadays, has been infecting the rest of the World. The bride and the groom are willing to be photographed underwater or in the mud, in the water of a big fountain or at the base of a waterfall, with outcomes, as regards your wedding dress, that we shall leave to your imagination!!! After all, what usually happens to the wedding dress?

Wedding dresses are usually hung up in the closet forever and will ‘die’ there! All the spouses want to immortalize unique images in their wedding album; and, in our opinion, the ‘Trash the Dress’ pictures represent the best way of doing that. Yours will be a unique and over the top marriage for all the people: both for the married couple, which will particularly remember this event forever, and for its invites. Consequently, your invites will have to wear a diving suit and flippers, instead of the customary high hills and fancy cloths. We can really do so much for your fairy-tale underwater or seaside wedding. We have many ideas in store for you, e.g., boat excursions, sailboat trips or mini cruises, whit a personal skipper as your pilot and/or a personal waiter who will be serving your on-board dinner. A riveting sunset or the dim moonlight, together with the glare of the lightshow we created for you on board, will be a dreamlike scenario in which you can have your sparkling wine or champagne.

We ourselves shall donate your marriage certificate to you! Written on a parchment, and containing the name of the boat / ship you previously chose, this would be the wedding gift of the MyLuxEvent team.

Foto Stefano Durso

Are you thinking of a location where to plan your wedding or event in Sardinia, Umbria or Lazio?

Contact us, and we shall reach agreements with the appropriate structures and organize all the material to make your event or your wedding one-of-the-kind.

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