We shall plan your wedding in Umbria


Rely on MyLuxEvent for planning your wedding or important event in Umbria, among ‘sweet’ hills and old and fascinating landscapes.

Umbria is one of the smallest regions of Italy, located at the centre of the Peninsula; and, not by chance, the well-known catch phrases: Umbria is ‘the green heart of Italy’ or ‘the land of the one thousand (that is, many) villages / hamlets’ do not convey conventional or standardized images of Umbria, but real images that correspond to reality.

The fascination of this ancient land reveals itself through the light colours of its pleasant and ‘undulating’ countryside and through the privacy of the alleys, which traverse the medieval villages.

Here you can still relive the spirit that inspired saints and knights, and you can also perceive the renewing and artistic sensibilities of painters belonging to the past.

The strong medieval historical significance of Umbria is stressed by a large amount of very ancient residences, castles and abbeys, all of which model its hills and territory shape.

Thus, it is just this above-mentioned historic memory that made us of MyluxEvent select a thriving and sizeable variety of locations, in which you will be able to turn your dream wedding into concrete reality.

Here are some examples of locations in Umbria

Are you thinking of a location where to plan your wedding or event in Sardinia, Umbria or Lazio?

Contact us, and we shall reach agreements with the appropriate structures and organize all the material to make your event or your wedding one-of-the-kind.

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